Tracy is a highly skilled massage therapist and she is a consummate professional at all times. She is extremely talented and approaches each and every session with tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy. I have been a regular client of Tracy’s for well over five years and would see her for 90 minute sessions on a consistent basis. Her work for me in deep tissue full-body massage and Cranial Sacral was second-to-none. My previous therapist, who retired, had over 25 years experience and had worked with professional athletes including players from both the Washington

Redskins and Washington Capitals. Tracy’s skill level was on par and even surpassed my previous therapist on many levels.​

As a busy professional, one aspect of Tracy’s service to me I always greatly appreciated was the fact that she was always ready for our sessions ahead of schedule. This allowed us to begin and complete our sessions always on time. There was not a single instance in all the years of working with Tracy where I felt a massage therapy session was cut short for any reason. She was always sensitive to my needs and ensured that I was completely satisfied after every session. I found her responsiveness and her ability to work with my schedule to be exceptional. Again, given my busy and constantly changing schedule, I cannot overstate the value of these aspects of her services and the importance of them to me personally.​ If you are an employer I would strongly recommend Tracy Baker as an employee and I’m confident you will be impressed with her work ethic and her professionalism. If you are simply considering her as your therapist, then I recommend Tracy for the reasons stated above and I am confident you will enjoy many years of beneficial and satisfying therapy work with her.

John S

It gives me great pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Tracy Baker, Certified Massage Therapist (License Number: 0019006042). Ms. Baker is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner that is always looking to discover more in her field and how she can benefit her patients..  During my first session many years ago, she took the time to understand exactly what my health and pain issues were, informed me how regular massages can benefit me, and provided excellent guidance how to adjust my health and fitness programs. Me sessions with are always rewarding to my body and mind.


I continued seeing her regularly. Every time she would ask me about overall progress, collect more data on how my body was responding and treat my knee very diligently. I was truly impressed with her willingness to listen carefully to my symptoms and ask very pertinent questions to help determine the most effective treatment options for my pain. Her massage techniques are second to none and she incorporates specific stretching to relieve muscle in pain. I am truly impressed by her overall knowledge of not only massage methods but overall health and fitness.

Ms. Baker is truly a naturally gifted therapist with so much energy and dedication to her craft. Every session with her is targeted towards a particular goal and she focuses on the patient’s needs and how she can lessen any pain in the body. She is a professional practitioner who has a toolbox filled with different modalities to achieve the patient’s end goal. Last year I had surgery to repair damaged cartilage in one of my knees. After working with my orthopedist and physical therapist to successfully rehab my knee, they suggested to adopt concentrated massage to help speed up recovery. I visited Ms. Baker and explained to her my issues. She knew exactly what was wrong with me and explained to me why I was feeling the way I was. The fact that she helped me understand the cause of my pain and why targeted massage can help alleviate it really put me at ease

In addition, her practice office is always clean and quite. It provides the ideal environment to engage in such relaxing routines. Once you begin a session with Ms. Baker it is like traveling to another world more peaceful and pleasant. She goes to great lengths to ensure that you are comfortable while on the massage table, with the perfect temperature, and soothing music. Ms. Baker’s passion for massage therapy is very apparent from the minute you talk to her. With her endless enthusiasm and energy, she has so much to offer and continues to educate herself on the many facets of benefiting patients with all kinds of muscle pain.



Andy B